What are the selection criteria?

In our entire admission process, we are only looking for motivation to learn and earn. Our course is very intensive and demanding, and we want the most motivated people to get onboard. Make sure that you explain why you want to join lycaeum the more details you give us, the better chance you will get in.

Our students work with

Chief Mentor

Noufal Ibrahim
B.Tech, NIT Calicut
  • 18+ years of industry experience and a well recognised technologist in India
  • Worked for large companies such as archive.org, openlibrary.org, Synopsys, Cisco systems
  • Consulted for many startups – Idea Device (acquired by Nutanix), TANDBERG (acquired by Cisco)
  • Founder of PyCon India and a member of the Python Software Foundation
  • Mentor and trainer to freshers and working professionals (Cisco, VMware, Juniper Networks, Intel)