Lycaeum Mentoring

Anyone who is interested to get into the cream of software industry. We have a fundamental requirements course for non CS background students.

We have a well-defined admission process & It is defined step by step as follows:

Step 1: Apply and complete the application process which consists of two parts. Every part has a well-thought objective to be assessed.

Step 2: Pre Evaluation test: a pre Evaluation test to access your basic knowledge in programing.

Step 3:Once the pre evaluation test is done,  you will get a call from Lycaeum team and you can proceed to the course.

In our entire admission process, we are only looking for motivation to learn and earn. Our course is very intensive and demanding, and we want the most motivated people to get onboard. Make sure that you explain why you want to join lycaeum the more details you give us, the better chance you will get in.

Yes you can pay the fee as installment.

Yes, We have the scholarship to help the candidates who need financial assistance based on T&C.

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