Automation Using Python

Best python classes in Calicut

List of topics covered

Introduction to Python Programming

  • Python language basics
  • Regular expressions and text parsing
  • Tooling (virtualenv, pip )
  • Packaging python programs and creating command line scripts
  • Automatically running python scripts

Web Scraping

  • Requests and obtaining data
  • BeautifulSoup and HTML parsing
  • Structuring raw data

Reporting using Excel, Google Sheets, PDF

  • Using Pandas and other modules to handle Excel sheets
  • Using Google sheets API to communicate with Google drive
  • Reportlab to automatically create PDF documents

Handling reports from csv, json and other formats

  • Ingesting data from CSV, JSON and other standard formats
  • Parsers and understanding simple data pipelines

Introduction to RPA using Python

  • Robotic process automation using Python scripts
  • Automating programs using Python scripts
  • Using Selenium to automatically drive websites

Automated notifications (email, messages etc.)

  • Automatically sending emails using Python programs
  • Web APIs for notification services (e.g. SMS, Slack etc.)

Creating and manipulating images

  • Using PIL to automatically create and edit images