Interview prep and recruitment assistance

Be ready to get placed

Proven track record of 95% + students placed in reputed companies through Lycaeum irrespective of their educational background (BCA, MCA, Diploma, B. Tech). There is a constant demand for Lycaeum graduates in the industry as they are not only well versed in languages such as Python, but are able to quickly learn new technologies and possess the necessary technical and professional skills to function at the highest level. (Note: All comments are applicable for students who put dedicated time and effort to benefit from the program and complete the coursework)

The placement program has two offerings

After successful completion of guidance and mentoring programs, we assist students for gaining internships or Jobs. We are constantly adding more companies to our network.

We also provide campus placement automation system that has been deployed at major institutions which helps reduce the placement process effort by 75%. Colleges and students are already benefiting from the software. We also organize job fairs by partnering with group of companies to recruit freshers across Kerala. These jobs are made visible to students through the app.