Prepare for an IT job

We know that Covid19 is going to have an enormous impact on the hiring landscape in IT industry. Let’s gear up and get ahead in the competition for securing an IT job. Spend a couple of hours every day for a week and learn basic IT skills that will help you prepare for a job in the tech industry. The hands-on online workshop series will introduce the necessary technologies required to build your own web application. Bring your own laptop, join the webinar series, follow along, and build a web application in less than a week. What better way to get started your job search than learning from industry experts?
The webinar credentials will be mailed to the registrants.

Tech Intercation Lycaeum

Build your own web application in a week
 Introduction to software development tools
 Introduction to Python
 Make a web App in 3 hours
 Beautify your webpages
 Deploy Python Web App using HEROKU


Date / Time Create your own web application in a week
03/08/2020 02pm-03pmSoftware industry: An introduction
04/08/2020 02pm-04pm
Python Language
05/08/2020 02pm-03pm Git and SSH
06/08/2020 02pm-03pm Create your own wiki
07/08/2020 02pm-04pm 
Make your wiki a web app
08/08/2020 02pm-3.30pm Make your wiki beautiful & available on the internet