Entrepreneur Incubation Program

Why become an employee, when you can be the founder of a unicorn startup?

Entrepreneurship for Fresh Engineering Graduates
Launch a technology startup and build your own destiny in nine months!
Lycaeum is excited to announce a 9 month residency program for engineering graduates who are passionate about building the next unicorn startup. Our program is intended to help fresh graduates create blitzscaling startups.

What we offer
• Stipend to support the resident founding teams
• Best in class technical and business training from expert instructors
• Mentorship with leading entrepreneurs in your domain
• Workspace, machines and compute infrastructure
• Constant motivation and decision making assistance

Who we look for
• Extremely smart and passionate students
• Reputed college or open source pedigree
• Confidence and can do attitude

The payment for the program is in either of the following two modes
•Free in exchange for equity in the startup (with stipend)
•INR 3 Lakhs per person (no stipend)


Webinar13 June 2020
Application22 June 2020
Interview26 June 2020
Invitation sent03 July 2020
Start14 July 2020


How much does this program cost

The program has two options. You can either pay Rs. 3L for 9 months or go through the entire program free of cost with a basic stipend to support yourself.
For the latter option, Lycaeum is essentially providing seed funding and hence will have an equity claim in the company

Do I need a startup idea to apply

You don’t necessarily need an idea to apply as many of the ideas might not be fundable. Our idea is that through the initial program you will figure out an idea and to assess whether the idea has potential. You will work on the idea and we expect you to pivot just as any other startup

Can I apply as a team

Yes, you can definitely apply as a team. However, the interviews will be done individually and the decision will be made whether to admit the whole team or not. If you are applying as an individual you will be paired to work with others

How is this different from KSUM or another incubator

Lycaeum is closely involved with the startup even to the extent of influencing the decisions for the startup. Our philosophy is that many startups fail because of inexperience. Our partners will work alongside the startup to make them successful and will be making decisions alongside the co-founders

I don’t know if I am a startup material

You can find out whether you are a startup material only when you try it out. However, startup is only for people who are immensely motivated to be successful in life

Can I apply if I have a few years of experience

Sure. However, you may want to explore other options such as KSUM, etc and check if they may suit you better

More questions

Please join our upcoming webinar so that you can ask directly or please mail to contact@thelycaeum.in

Application Closed