Lycaeum Internship Code Camp

July - August 2020

Are you wondering what to do during the semester break? Are you looking for an internship that can help you learn programming, and prepare for placements while satisfying your KTU requirements?

Lycaeum is partnering with Hamon Technologies LLP, an advanced technology consulting firm, to provide internship experience to students. Not only students will learn the theoretical framework, but also they will complete a project at the same level as an employee in the industry. Hamon Technologies will provide certificates that will help you meet KTU requirements

The six weeks internship program will start from the fundamentals, by teaching the constructs of Python programming language, help students become familiar with basic algorithms, data structures and then introduce the constructs required for building a dynamic web application. The student will spend the last three to four weeks on building a real application and gaining valuable industrial skills. Students will be mentored by software professionals with industry experience  

Hamon Technologies, founded in 2016, is a leading solution provider in AI/ML, Cloud, Automation and advisory services. The company has served clients such as VDezi/Eunimart, Vyoma, Karma, Enchanting travels, etc.

Students who are in the third year of engineering in any stream can enroll for the internship program.  The program can be done in-class, online or in a hybrid fashion.

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Internship Curriculum

1st week2nd to 4th week5th & 6th week (optional)
Programming Language IntroductionProject – Dynamic Web App DevelopmentInterview preparation and deeper understanding of algorithms and questions related to coding to prepare for the on and off-campus recruitments 
5.Javascript, Front ends
1. Algorithms
2.Data Structures
3.Coding problems