Software Engineering With Python

12 Weeks March 2020

List of topics covered


  • Basic UNIX
  • A programmers editor (Emacs)
  • Version control (Git)
  • Programming languages (Python).


Will be an intensive on several programs from easy to hard and finally some tough ones. Will also introduce the concept of testing applications properly. Our focus will be on developing your ability to solve programming problems and to create an algorithmic way of thinking.

Web development and basic devops

Cover basic technologies used for web development and develop 2 applications. One will be a simple traditional web application. The second will be a more modern single page application. Will also cover how to deploy them on a server. This will cover how to build modern web applications from end to end.


  • Individual project – We will provide a list of projects from which the students can pick one.
  • Group project where the students will have to form small teams and develop an application collaboratively.  Will be mostly independent where you will be able to use the skills you’ve learnt to develop a personal project. Also, we will learn how to work together in a team.

Code comprehension

Read and understand an existing library and to see how it works. Code is more read than written so you should learn to read other people’s programs and understand how they work. This will teach you that.

Our students work with

Chief Mentor

Noufal Ibrahim
B.Tech, NIT Calicut
  • 18+ years of industry experience and a well recognised technologist in India
  • Worked for,, Synopsys, Cisco systems
  • Consulted for many startups ( Idea Device (acquired by Nutanix), TANDBERG (acquired by Cisco)
  • Founder of PyCon India and member of the Python Software Foundation
  • Mentor and trainer to freshers and working professionals (Cisco, VMware, Juniper Networks, Intel)