New batch for Lycaeum mentoring course

I’m planning a new batch for my mentoring course starting July 2 2018 The course will last for four months this time to accommodate an extra project. To register, please use the form at

The rough syllabus is as follows

We will use this month to learn basic skills that all programmers need. Specifically - typing, basic UNIX, editors and version control.
The first week, we'll use to get familiar with the Python programming language. After that, we'll have a series of exercises to get familiar with the language. There will be testing, debugging, understanding existing code to extend programs etc.
Systems project
This is a small project to build a low level system to understand the computer at a systems level. We will build a small linux distribution from scratch. This will familiarise people with how a computer is organised and how things work at a low level.
Individual project
This is a small project. A separate one for each student so that they can hone their skills. I will give you several options and you have to work on of them from beginning to end. I will guide your progress and make sure that you develop the entire thing. You'll have to develop, document, and test the project.
You will have to present the project to the whole team at the end of the period.
Group project
This is a larger project where all students will have to work as a team to develop the entire project. I will act as a customer/project manager who you have to get requirements from and then develop the entire thing through a collaborative process.
Code comprehension
This is a smaller project where the students are given a medium sized project with a request to add an feature or fix a bug. They'll have to study the project and then make the requested change. This will give students the confidence to read and understand someone elses code.

To register, please use the form at

Posted on: 10 May 2018

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