Time table for upcoming public sessions

I’m pleased to announce a new set of public workshops at The Lycaeum in May 2018. The current schedule is as follows. Please visit http://bit.ly/lycaeum-ps2 to register.

Introduction to Python (May 12 and 13)

Python is a programming language that’s soaring in popularity. StackOverflow reported that Python has a claim to be the fastest growing programming language. Whether you will be working in it or not, it’s very useful skill to have in your toolset.

This 2 day workshop will teach you the basics of the language and give you a point to start your experiments with the language.

Introduction to Bayesian statistics (May 19 and 20)

Applied statistics is a fundamental idea of the currently important machine learning discipline. One of the simplest ideas in this domain which has been, in my opinion, insufficiently dealt with at college is the innocent looking Bayes theorem. It is however commonly used in document classification and spam filtering).

It’s even useful as a mental model to help making decisions more accurately. It helps us to make concrete sense of statements like “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” and “ordinary claims require only ordinary evidence”. Can you explain exactly why you find it easier to believe that there’s a traffic jam on the main highway rather than to believe that the sun rose in the west yesterday? How much evidence do you need to believe in the latter? Bayes theorem helps us formalise all this and give us a powerful way of evaluating evidence.

This workshop will first teach the math behind the theorem and how it works in the real world. After that, we’ll implement a simple text classifier as a practical application. The latter will be done using Python to familiarity with the language is necessary if you want to follow that part. The former parts will require just mathematical knowledge.

Introduction to Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain (May 26 and 27)

The internet and popular media are awash with how these things are going to revolutionise everything from digital payments to your washing machine. With this much stuff going on, it’s hard to discern facts from fiction, truth from hype, opportunity from snake oil and caution from fear. A two day introduction to this world based. We’ll start with the concept of money and its history. Then we’ll go to to how a digital version of these things would work. We’ll then jump to the concept of a blockchain, how it works and the theory behind it. We’ll even try to implement a simple one to understand how it works.

After this, we’ll go to cryptocurrencies focusing on bitcoin and how it operates. What the pros and cons are. What altcoins are and some more ideas in the general space.

This should equip you with the tools to understand what’s going on in this space and how to distinguish nonsense from genuine comment.

Please visit http://bit.ly/lycaeum-ps2 to register. We have a poster for the event here which you can use to publicise it.

Posted on: 06 Apr 2018

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