Time table for upcoming public sessions

Great news everyone! We’re releasing a time table for upcoming public sessions at The Lycaeum.

These are all free of charge although we do ask that you register. The sessions we’ve planned are as follows

6 May 2017 Introduction to UNIX shell programming
This is suitable for newcomers. You'll get an introduction to UNIX shell programming.
13 May 2017 Introduction to Python programming
This is also suitable for newcomers. You'll get a quick introduction to basic python programming.
20 May 2017 Game programming in python using PyGame
You'll need basic Python knowledge to attend this session. At the end, we'll make simple vertical scrolling shooting game complete with sound effects and music.
27 May 2017 Introduction to Numerical computing using Python using Numpy, Pandas and matplotlib
You'll need some basic Python knowledge to attend this session. You'll learn how to do simple statistical analysis of data sets and plot the results in interesting ways. A glimpse of the upcoming area known as data science.
3 June 2017 Introduction to the Go programming language
This is suitable for newcomers. Go is an upcoming language designed by Google. It's very quickly gaining popularity and has some interesting features that make it stand out. This class gives you a quick introduction to the language and how you can leverage it for some of your projects.

Please fill in the registration form below if you’re interested in attending any of the sessions. A blog post will come up on the site giving details of the sessions as they near. You’ll receive emails on how to set up your computer so that you can participate in the sessions.

The sessions will start at 9:30 am and will usually last till around 3:00 pm with a one hour lunch break in between. Specific timings will be mentioned in the per session blog posts. For directions to reach the office, please refer to http://thelycaeum.in/contact.html.

The registration form is at https://goo.gl/forms/6Yakl1GDDi8th96k1. Please fill it up to attend.

Hope to see you all!

Posted on: 13 Apr 2017

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