Mentoring course starting again

I conducted a mentoring course which got over in early October. The students who attended are going through interviews for various companies right now. One of them is already placed. To get an idea of the students experiences while attending the course, you can look at the students blog.

We covered several basic skills like touch typing, UNIX, using an editor properly, version control and using a shell effectively. After that, we worked on a project focussing on aspects like proper design, good architecture, collaboration, decent test coverage and extensibility rather than just hammering out some semi working code (which is how college projects usually turn out). Finally, we picked up an existing production quality open source project (The python requests library), read through the code base to study the patterns it used and tried to understand design decisions made by the original authors. Because of the setup under which we used it, we hit a tiny bug in the infrastructure for which one student submitted a patch which was accepted. All in all, it was a good experience. There are some posts here, here and here from the students about their experiences at the course.

I’m now calling for new batch of students. If you have any questions about the course, please contact me. If you’re genuinely interested in registering, please fill in the registration form. To stay upto date about this and any other courses that I conduct, please sign up on the lycaeum mailing list.

The course is designed for people who are interested in programming and who have some basic experience with it. November was exam season for most colleges in Kerala. This announcement goes out in December and the course will probably start somewhere in mid to late January.

Posted on: 31 Oct 2014

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