Public session on ODE

As part of the public sessions I’m conducting, I’m pleased to announce another one on ODE. ODE is a physics engine that’s used in games to create realistic animations for various objects. This generally means things like ragdoll physics where human and other bodies fall down realistically, rigid body dynamics objects move in a realistic fashion and collision handling where things like elasticity and other physical effects are taken into consideration when bodies interact with each other.

We’re going to use the Python bindings for ODE to create a series of simple programs that show off the physics simulation of the library. We’ll be using pygame for the graphics and animation and PyODE to handle all the calculations.

The session will be on 19 October (Sunday) at The Lycaeum. We’ll start around 10:00 and wind up around 13:30. I have some plans to make this into a little bit of a workshop along with exercises. If that’s the case, it’ll be a whole day event with a lunch break but as it stands now, it’s a half day thing with just me lecturing and describing the library.

If you’re interested, please sign up on this form. The number of seats are limited so please sign up only if you’re sure you’re coming.


  • We’re going to use Python so atleast a passing familiarity with the language is necessary.
  • The examples will use PyGame for animation. I’ll quickly mention what’s going on but knowing how to use PyGame will make understanding easier.

I’m going to spend a lot of time explaining things so even if you’re an inexperienced programmer, you’ll be able to pick up some interesting ideas to tinker with.

Posted on: 07 Oct 2014

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