The road ahead

The Lycaeum office is ready and I’ve started the 3 month long mentoring course for the first batch of students. It’s a modest beginning but the pieces are in place for what I had originally planned.

My plan is to convert the office into something of a hackerspace. It’ll give me the resources I need to further my own education as well as serve as a hub for students and other interested people to collaborate on projects. To get the whole thing going, I’m planning to do public talks on topics which I dabble with. Some of them which come to mind are game programming (particularly algorithms useful in games and relevant libraries like physics engines), chaos and fractals (which was a pet interest of mine during my college days), Mozilla’s rust language and formal verification. Many of these are areas where I have dabbled and others are topics which I have an interest in but haven’t had the time or motivation to seriously study. My hope is to do atleast one a month. Once there’s sufficient traction, I hope to get people talented in other important areas like design, entrepreneurship, accessibility etc. and have them present sessions.

If there are any local groups interested in using the space for user group meetings, hackathons, release parties and such, please let me know and we can fix it up.

If you’re interested in staying up to date about the events, please subscribe to the calendar or join the mailing list.

Posted on: 06 Jul 2014

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