Mentoring course time table

This is a time table for the 3 month mentoring course which I announced in a previous blog post.

This is structured as an inverted classroom where I first provide the material and an intro. Students are then expected to work on it asking doubts via. email. I’ll reply to emails daily. I’ll also be on IRC most of the time so that people can stay in touch. At each logical point, we’ll have a contact class at Kozhikode to discuss the concepts.

This is a general plan and is not carved in stone. Depending on student requirements, there will be some flexibility.

Hangouts will be around one hour long. Please come prepared with questions (email them in advance if possible) so that we can make maximum use of our time.

Contact classes will be from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm with a breaks for lunch and tea.

Hangout and contact class time is limited. Please make sure that you come prepared and make full use of the time.

July 1 Course starts. General emails sent out about the course.
July 5 First contact class. Introduction. Material on UNIX provided.
July 9Hangout session to discuss UNIX material and doubts.
Till July 12Contact class. Final discussion on UNIX material. Doubts cleared. Intro to next sections and material handed out.
July 16Hangout session to discuss tools.
Till July 19Contact class. Discussion on tools. Doubts cleared. Material for next session handed out.
23 JulyHangout to discuss progress and doubts.
26 JulyHangout to discuss progress and doubts.
30 JulyHangout to discuss progress and doubts.
2 AugContact class. Wrap up Python.
3 AugContact class. Getting ready for the project.
6 AugHangout to discuss progress
9 AugContact class. Review work done so far. Adjust direction.
13 Aug Hangout to discuss progress.
16 Aug Hangout to discuss progress.
20 Aug Hangout to discuss progress.
23 Aug Contact class. Wrap it up. Students present their work.
Till 30 AugCatch up time. To compensate for delays.
Code comprehension.
30 AugContact class. Introduction to code comprehension.
31 AugGet started. Spend the day doing practicals. Hand out exercises.
6 SepHangout to discuss exercises. New ones for people who're done.
10 SepHangout to discuss progress and doubts.
13 SepHangout to discuss progress.
17 SepHangout to discuss progress.
20 SepContact class. Wrap up.

Placement discussions will begin after the project. I’ll be able to put you in touch with interested (and interesting) companies once you’ve finished your project.

The registrations will close on the 14 of June. If you’re interested in signing up, please visit this page and fill in the form. The number of seats are limited so please do so at the earliest.

Posted on: 10 Jun 2014

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