Online basic Python course

The last time I conducted this course, it went quite well. I’m planning to do it every weekend for a month (i.e. till mid 12/October) and see how it goes.

It will be conducted from 1500 to 1700. The last time, we did it at 1630 but that was a little inconvenient and we had to stop a little early. We tried video but it wasn’t too good so we’ll stick to IRC. The IRC server is and the channel is #thelycaeum. It’s best you use a proper IRC client but if you’re having trouble installing it, you can use My nick on the server is Khmar.

The course notes and setup instructions are over here. Please make sure that you’ve installed the software specified there. We don’t want to waste time messing with the setup.

I’ll post further details on the mailing list and on the twitter feed. Please subscribe there to stay upto date. There’s also a facebook page if that’s what you prefer.

See you all there!

Posted on: 18 Sep 2013

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