Welcome to Lycaeum

The Lycaeum’s history can be traced back to 334 BC. Just the way the famous Athenian master Aristotle and prominent philosophers of the times used the Lycaeum as a center of debate and pursuit of knowledge, the Lycaeum was established in 2013 in Kozhikode, Kerala to foster technical excellence among engineering students. The Lycaeum has been the space where programmers are created through training, mentoring, discussing and debating.

We are an ed-tech company solving the Skill Gap problem in engineering. We have a multi-pronged approach to solve this problem which has demonstrated success in the last five years. We partner with engineering colleges and students on the supply side and the companies on the demand side.


Indian engineering education is in a crisis due to the Skill Gap problem. What students are taught in their engineering college is not exactly what the industry requires. The problem is exacerbated as instructors in engineering colleges lack industry experience even though they are great academics


enSkill is the technology platform designed for facilitating Lycaeum programs. It helps us solve the skill program at a scale. . Already, we have developed an Enskill module to help with on campus placements and it has been deployed at major engineering institutes in India.


The Lycaeum follows a hybrid model with physical Lycaeum centers at select locations coupled with online delivery of educational content. Our programs target engineering students and enable them to be skilled up during the course of engineering education. We partner with training cells of engineering colleges and help them make their students competitive in the job market. We have established relationships with companies who will hire students that have gone through our training program as they are industry ready and need not go through separate training


The mentoring program is Lycaeum’s flagship project. Since 2013, the program has helped students to break into the industry. Designed as a finishing school, the mentoring program started as a three month course that has now expanded to a five month long program.

Students are taken through progressively harder exercises and made familiar with various technologies required by the industry. The structure of the program is described below

  • Basic skills like a programming language, familiarity with UNIX, version control etc.
  • Programming projects ranging from small practice programs to larger applications where students understand principles of designing software properly, automated testing, project planning and implementation
  • Web development - Students will build and deploy web applications onto the cloud. They will understand the nuts and bolts of how programs communicate across the internet and not just learn to run a few commands to see a website running
  • Collaborative projects - Students will be divided into groups that work on different parts of the same application. They will collaborate using email and tools like slack and use a project management tool to understand how to work as a team to achieve a deadline.
  • Code comprehension - Code is read more than it’s written. In this module, students will read, understand and write documentation for existing production quality software to become comfortable reading other people’s code.
We are now accepting registrations for the 10th batch of our mentoring program.

Software Training

We provide in house and remote software training for freshers inside companies. We have stock courses for corporate audiences as well as custom designed courses that are tailored to client requirements.