Long term courses

These are courses which I conduct at my office in Kozhikode. They usually last a while and are paid.
  • Junior programmer mentoring course

    This is a 3 month mentoring course for fresh or inexperienced programmers. The course is three months long. The first month teaches various basic skills like UNIX, version control, a programmers editor, touch typing and a programming language (Python). After that, 6 weeks are spent on developing a project. The emphasis here will be on good design, testability, development practices and working in teams rather than just hammering out a somewhat working but unmaintainable program. The final two weeks will be spent on code comprehension where we take an existing production quality open source program and walk through the code to figure out design decisions and the actual code itself.

    This course should help participants rise up to the next level and develop the basic skills they need to move ahead in their careers. I can't make any official guarantees of placement but based on past experiences, there's an above average chance of being placed.

    This will not be a conventional 10-5 course in a school. We will have contact classes approximately once a week in Kozhikode and will stay in touch via. email and live online sessions. Participants will have to drive themselves and be proactive about asking questions and getting feedback on their work.


These are short workshops which I conduct at colleges and other such institues if requested. If you're interested in having such a workshop conducted at your college, please email me and let me know. We can fix something up. I don't charge anything for these courses but do require some notice to plan travel and accomodation.
  • Programming as Engineering - A workshop that takes five problems and solves them in interesting ways. This is meant to kindle an interest in programming and show students new possibilities. This is a 2 day event with a good amount of hands on work.
  • Basic Python workshop - This is a three day workshop which teaches students basic Python along with practical exercises.

Public sessions

These are one day events that offer high level overviews and some details about topics that I find interesting. They are conducted at the center in Kozhikode. They will be announced on the blog. Some of the past ones conducted were on pygame and ODE. These will be announced on the blog, twitter, mailing list etc. I'm aiming to do atleast one a month.

I'm hoping to expand these into short workshops and include things like coding dojos and other such events.

Please contact me for any information you'd like on these events.