The Lycӕum is an experimental educational endeavour started in 2013. It is currently based in Kozhikode, Kerala and focusses (for now) on IT education.

The original Lycӕum was a school founded by the great Greek philosopher Aristotle in 335 BC. We aim to kindle the same interest in learning and personal growth that it did.


These are courses which I conduct at my office in Kozhikode.


These are short workshops which I conduct at colleges and other such institues if requested. If you're interested in having such a workshop conducted at your college, please email me and let me know. We can fix something up.
  • Programming as Engineering - A workshop that takes five problems and solves them in interesting ways. This is meant to kindle an interest in programming and show students new possibilities. This is a 2 day event with a good amount of hands on work.
  • Basic Python workshop - This is a three day workshop which teaches students basic Python along with practical exercises.